Explosion of Red on Green

Artist: Gerardo Dottori
Original name: Esplosione di Rosso sul verde
Style: Abstract Art
Genre: abstract
Date: 1910
Copyright: Public domain US

Dottori joined the Italian Futurist movement in 1913. This painting predates his contact with the Futurists but was nevertheless a response to their desire to paint the 'sensations which everything in nature and human life arouses in us'. Dottori described how it was directly inspired by his experience one May morning of a cornfield covered in poppies. 'I did not know how to paint this and returned home with a vivid impression, with the sensation of the interaction of these two complementary colours, red and green, when they are found together: red, when it meets its complementary, green, becomes ultra-red and explodes... green, on the other hand, remains calm, silent and immobile.'