Sleeping Nude with Arms Open (Red Nude)

Artist: Amedeo Modigliani
Style: Expressionism
Genre: nude painting (nu)
Date: 1917
Copyright: Public domain

In 1917, Modigliani held a one-man exhibition in Paris, which was closed within a few hours by the Paris Chief of Police, who considered the nudes shocking and scandalous. This painting was created in 1917, and thus it may be the culprit behind Modigliani’s failure, as it was the only exhibition he ever held. Unlike his other more elongated forms, the nude body of the woman is graciously painted with flowing curves and a sensual texture; the mask-like face with eyes full of mystery, and a slight smile to the lips. It is not so scandalous and shocking as it is a celebration of the woman’s form and her sensual nature.